Project Communication Management

Communication Model

Include sender, message, media, receiver, context/environment

Project Communication Model

Communication requirement analysis

Project Communication requirement analysis

Communication Improvement & Conflict Handling

–To improve communication:

  • Manage conflicts effectively
  • Develop better communication skills
  • Run effective meetings
  • Use e-mail and other technologies effectively
  • Use templates for project communications

–Conflict handling:

  • Confrontation: directly face a conflict using a problem-solving approach
  • Compromise: use a give-and-take approach
  • Smoothing: de-emphasize areas of difference and emphasize areas of agreement
  • Forcing: the win-lose approach
  • Withdrawal: retreat or withdraw from an actual or potential disagreement
  • Collaborating: decision makers incorporate different viewpoints and insights to develop consensus and commitment

Project Communication Management Activities (3)

1. Planning communications

–WHAT (req, info-format, content, details)

–WHO (sender/producer, receiver)

–HOW: method, technologies

–WHEN: frequency


2. Manage Communications

Distributing information: Don’t bury crucial/bad info, oral/info comm, face-to-face (58-35-7)

Communication practices

(1) Public Speaking & Presentation – Be prepared with 5W2H

Who are you speaking to?

What do you wish to communicate?

How can you best convey your message?

When will the presentation occur?

Where will the presentation occur?

Why should the listeners listen to you?

(2) How to have a GREAT meeting?

Goal Oriented

Right People

Expectations Clarified

Agenda in Advance

Time Sensitivity

(3) Writing Better Emails: From, To, CC, BCC, Subject, Hello, Content, Signature, Review

3. Control Communications

Reporting performance

Project Performance Reporting

–Status: where the task stands at a specific point in time

–Progress: what you has accomplished during a certain period of time

–Forecasts: predict future project status and progress based on past information and trends