Project Human Resource Management

Keys to managing people

–Motivation theories:

  • Intrinsic, extrinsic motivation
  • McGregor’s Theory X & Theory Y
  • Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs: physiological => safety => social: ove/belonging => esteem => self-actualization
  • Motivational factors: achievement, recognition, the work itself, responsibility, advancement, and growth, which produce job satisfaction
  • Hygiene factors: cause dissatisfaction if not present, but do not motivate workers to do more; examples include larger salaries, more supervision, and a more attractive work environment

–Influence: Authority, Assignment, Budget, Promotion, Money, Penalty, Work challenge, Expertise, Friendship

–Power: Coercive / Penalty, Legitimate / formal, Expert, Reward, Referent

–Effectiveness: empathic listeners, rapport, mirroring,

Covey and improving effectiveness in 7 rules: Be proactive => Begin with the end in mind => Put first things first => Think win/win => Seek first to understand, then to be understood => Synergize => Sharpen the saw

Project HR Management Activities (4)

  • Plan HR management
    • Project organizational charts => Responsibility assignment matrixes
    • Staffing management plan (acquiring, time-table, releasing, training, recognition/reward) => Resource histograms
  • Acquire project team: pre-assign, negotiate, hire, HR risk, resource loading, resource leveling
  • Develop project team: team building, ground rules, reward/recognition, co-location, training, etc.
  • Manage project team
    • Observation and conversation
    • Project performance appraisals
    • Conflict management
    • Use an Issue log
    • Interpersonal skills